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Bug Andrew Williams - How to Write Great Web Content
Posted by: TvBB - 3 hours ago - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

Andrew Williams - How to Write Great Web Content

Price: 149$

[Image: 0Q1j.jpg]

Rank in the search engines for lots of search terms, without using loopholes or tactics that can get you banned.

Do you own a website? Are you having trouble ranking your content in Google? Has your site been penalized by Google?

With so much bad or outdated information around on the internet, is it any wonder that website owners are struggling to rank their content in Google?

This course is aimed at anyone that owns a website, needs to get content ranked in Google, or just wants to better understand the types of content that Google want to rank. Taught by an SEO with over a decade of experience, you’ll learn the strategies that I’ve been using since 2005, to consistently rank my content without ever having to worry about the next Google update.

The course will begin with a little history lesson, looking at how we used to write web content and why things changed with the introduction of Panda and Penguin. I’ll describe the main Google algorithm updates you need to know about, and why Google introduced them. We’ll then go through the important guidelines when it comes to creating content - and these guidelines come from Google!

With a solid understanding of what Google wants, we’ll then look at a number of ways you can come up with innovative, exciting content ideas that you know, even before you create them, will be popular with your visitors.

Armed with lots of content ideas, we’ll then look at a number of different types of content/media you can use to entertain and inform your visitors. We’ll discuss the importance of “niche vocabulary”. Not only will I prove to you that this is vital to ranking in Google, but you will learn how to find niche vocabulary for any piece of content you want to write. Take the practical exercises to see how easy it is to gather appropriate niche vocabulary.

I’ll introduce you to the term “link bait” and why you need to create some for your website. We’ll talk about “share bait” too - which is the foundation of visitor retention and sharing of your content on social media channels.

With all the theory covered, it’s then time to get busy and write your first piece of content. I’ll take you through every step, from title and description, to headlines and themed content. We’ll look at a few important on-page factors you need to get right, but to make sure, I’ll give you an checklist to use to evaluate your own content.

This course covers everything you need to know about writing the type of content that Google rewards with top rankings.

With the majority of lectures being video, you can watch over-my-shoulder as I teach you the secrets to creating the type of content that your visitors will love, share and rave about.

By the end of the course you will be creating content for your site that visitors want to share and webmasters want to link to. You will be creating the type of content that will propel your site to new levels of traffic, click-through rates and profitability.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug How I Improved my Credit Score from 520 to 765 in 19 Days
Posted by: TvBB - 3 hours ago - Forum: Small Business, Entrepreneurs - No Replies

How I Improved my Credit Score from 520 to 765 in 19 Days

[Image: 0QoE.jpg]

34+ Proven Ways to Improve your Credit Score Quickly! Fast and Easy Ways to Unlock $68,381+ in your Lifetime

Did you Know that You Will Unlock an Extra $68,381+ in your Lifetime by Increasing Your Credit Score?

Most People Make the Mistake of Not Taking Action to Improve their Credit Score. Don’t Be One of Those People!


Did you Know that is Easier Now than Ever to Increase your Credit Score Quickly and Keep it There?

Learn everything you need to start improving your credit today. Put yourself in the position to buy your dream home, get a new car, or qualify for a business loan.

Your Credit Status is your Most Important Financial Asset.

I Used to be in a Difficult Financial Position Myself.

Because of this, I was unable to Pay Bills on Time which Hurt my Credit.

Like All People, I Needed to Have Good Credit for Loans. I Researched and Self-Experimented with the Best Ways to Improve My Credit Score. The Most Powerful and Quickest Methods are in this Course.

You Will be Given 34+ Proven Ways to Improve your Credit Score. These have been tested on myself as well as my students to work time and time again.

The Course is Broken Down into Bite Sized Lecture Videos that are Easy to Understand. It also includes Walkthroughs, Diagrams, and Other Valuable Content to Help you Get Started ASAP.

Every Moment that you Hesitate, you Lose Money. Don’t Hesitate!

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 24 lectures and 1 hour of content!
Improve their Credit Score
Know How To Keep their Credit Score Up

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Twitter automation - How to get more Twitter Followers
Posted by: TvBB - 3 hours ago - Forum: Sale & Marketing, Internet Marketing - No Replies

Twitter automation - How to get more Twitter Followers

[Image: 0QoN.jpg]

Learn to get more free and paid Twitter followers who are real people and targeted leads for your business

In this course you will learn an advanced Twitter marketing strategy that helps you get many new Twitter followers every day who are very interested in the kind of business you have.

Many strategies that help you get new Twitter followers usually get you fake followers or bot followers, or human followers who never engage with your business. In this course, you will learn how to:

Get many new targeted human followers
Sell products and services on Twitter
Drive more traffic to your website
Give you great branding on Twitter with thousands of followers

How this will make you money and be profitable

This course shows you how to combine two Twitter tools to get great results from your Twitter marketing. Even though these tools are paid, they will cost you less than $50/month and over time, this strategy should actually be profitable and make you money because it will help you sell products, drive people to your website, and help you get better branding online by giving you thousands of followers.

What are the requirements?

Be open to trying the strategies in the course
Don’t be afraid of paying for software tools and services
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 13 lectures and 40 mins of content!
Automat your Twitter marketing almost 100%
Get thousands new followers every month
Ensure that your new followers are targeted leads who are likely to engage with your business
Sell your products on Twitter

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb ConversionXL - Ecommerce Growth Masterclass
Posted by: TvBB - 26-04-2017, 12:14 AM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost - No Replies

ConversionXL - Ecommerce Growth Masterclass
Price: 499$
GB Price: 10$ (Save 489$ ).

[Image: conversionxl-institute-live-course-ecommerce.jpg]

GB Code: CEGM0148

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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Bug Matt Wolfe - The 3 Part Blog Formula
Posted by: TvBB - 25-04-2017, 05:12 PM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

Matt Wolfe - The 3 Part Blog Formula

Price: 197

[Image: 0Qoi.png]

One simple 3-part formula can help ensure success for your blog. The reason this formula works is because it allows you to get inside the minds of your audience. And if you can’t do that, no one will even know your blog exists because they’ll never find it and no one else will ever send them links to it. The reason I call it the 3-P formula is not because it’s 3 parts, but because each part begins with the letter P.

This formula is based on how people get to what they consider valuable content on the web. This only happens one of two ways:

They find it in a search - In order to be found in search, the words of your content has to match up with words people type into that search box on Google. And it has to do it better than everyone else who is trying to attract the same people you are.
They click on a link sent to them by someone else - Some kind of referring agent (their browser’s home page or friends in social media or by email are several examples) sends a link to a member of your audience. It doesn’t matter whether the link was created automatically or manually.

That’s it.

There is no other way for anyone to reach your blog.

In all the blather out there on the web about “how to get more traffic,” you will find that most folks focus on tactics and tools: use this software, this service. Post at certain times of day or during the week. Measure certain things.

All of which fails to address something deeper: the strategy that leads you to use certain tools and tactics.
The 3-P Formula: People, Problem, Product

I’ve been using this formula successfully with my own blog consulting clients for years, now. Often it’s the one thing that really gets everything to “click” inside the client’s mind and brings them the understanding they never had before. Let’s go over each part of the formula so you too can use it.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Boost Your Productivity By Running Effective Agile Meetings
Posted by: TvBB - 25-04-2017, 05:12 PM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

Boost Your Productivity By Running Effective Agile Meetings

[Image: 0QoF.jpg]

Take your team to the next performance level by learning to create and facilitate collaborative meetings with confidence

Do you want to improve your teams productivity?
Do you want to know how to create and run successful meetings with confidence?
Do you want to improve yourself as a meeting facilitator?
Then this course is for you.

It’s designed for students who wants to know how to run effective meetings with the goal of improving team productivity and collaboration.

This course gives you the skills needed to run your meetings with confidence. Learn practical skills to manage the group, how to make decisions and use facilitation tools! Also how to deal with people who dominates and how to encourage others to talk, and how to handle yourself during the meeting.

These skills are also useful in your daily life as they give you the upper hand in any meeting, or when dealing with other people.

Everything in here comes from experience and are tried and tested formulas used by professional facilitators throughout the world.

Not many people know about these things, so this is a chance to learn what most people don’t have a clue about! I have yet to meet a team leader, project manager or Scrummaster who uses anything you’re about to learn here!

By using these methods, you will see a lot more interest in your meetings, because people know you will make their time well spent. Personally, I have used these methods to change organizations and groups into highly productive teams that can crank out quality products… week after week. And if I can do that, so can you!

You’ll learn a powerful five-step method to create your meetings. This method guides you, step by step, through your meeting creation process and helps keep it focused, productive and engaging!

Learn the secrets how to create the retrospective meeting agenda, what to look for to ensure the meeting stays productive

I also included a Bonus: exclusive 20-page e-book only available for Udemy students! This contains handpicked meeting activities with detailed instructions you can pick and choose from based on what you want to achieve in the meeting!

In case you’re wondering, I also want to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Enrolling in this course comes with an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

By the end of this course you’ll have the skills needed to create your own awesome meetings that will help you and your team take the next level to more productivity and get you started on your journey to becoming an even better meeting facilitator!

Enroll in this course right now, you can start helping you team tomorrow!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug Matt Bernstein - Blogging to Build an Email List
Posted by: TvBB - 25-04-2017, 05:11 PM - Forum: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation and WordPress - No Replies

Matt Bernstein - Blogging to Build an Email List

[Image: 0Qo9.jpg]

Learn How To Create A Blog Using WordPress And Build An Email List.

Learn how to create a WordPress blog and use it to build an email list.

Your success will be attributed to your low upfront costs. You only need to buy a domain name, monthly website hosting plan, and Aweber email marketing.

Learning Objectives:

Students who enroll in the course will be able to…

Design a WordPress blog.
Improve a WordPress blog to Increase Conversion Rates.
Increase organic traffic to your blog.
Collect more emails from the people who visit your blog.
What effectively works for one person will effectively work the same for any other person.

Only a very limited number of people know this information. That means you’ll have limited competition in this area to maximize your probability for success.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Lightbulb Caleb O Dowd - Six Figure A Month Health Supplement Profits
Posted by: TvBB - 24-04-2017, 04:59 AM - Forum: Group Buy - Save 98% of Original Product Cost - No Replies

Caleb O Dowd - Six Figure A Month Health Supplement Profits
Price:  2997$ 
GB Price: 39$ (Save 2958$ ).

[Image: Six-_Figure-_A-_Month-_Health-_Supplement-_Profits.png]

Take 30 days to lay your freelance foundation…and take control of your career future by learning what it takes to become a freelance writer for the web.
With 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing to Success, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know before embarking on your freelance journey.
Read on to learn more about the course and determine if it’s right for you…

Is this course for me?
30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success is ideal for brand new freelancers.It’s for people that want to make money freelance writing and are willing to work hard to get a new web-based writing business off the ground inside of a month (or three).
If you’ve been trying to build a successful freelance writing business for a bit and haven’t succeeded, this course might be right for you, too.
Others in your position have gone through it, implemented what they’ve learned and taken their business to the next level.Prove it to me!
For example, Steph landed 3 new clients within 1 month of taking the course. In her own words:“I decided to take Gina’s course because, although I had been freelancing for awhile, I had recently made a decision to become serious about my writing. I wanted to build a name for myself and create a sustainable business from my craft.Before taking the course, I found it difficult to come to grips with pitching for freelance writing jobs, and often felt overwhelmed whenever I searched the internet to find support and advice to try and get my freelancing career off the ground. I was frustrated, often feeling like I was putting in a lot of effort and yielding very few results.

My recent success came from these three main factors:
The course helped me to change my entire approach to freelancing - I now treat it more like a business, rather than a hobby.
I started to implement the action points within the course, and approached pitching and prospecting in a far more organized and consistent manner.
Gina also helped me to make some significant improvements to my pitch (which was included in my purchase).It is incredibly structured - everything is split up into easily digestible lessons. Gina delivers no-nonsense, practical advice and has made a living freelancing by implementing the same steps outlined in the course.The price was affordable for someone of my level - and I was attracted to the course because it is aimed specifically at new freelancers.”How does it work?
The course is offered in a self-paced format that includes written lessons, videos, enhanced resources, quizzes and action steps. Each lesson is succinct and actionable, encouraging you to implement what you’ve learned immediately.Every lesson ends with a tangible action item or two that you should take to build your business, before moving on to the next lesson. And at the end of each module is a quiz to ensure the material sinks in before continuing on.You’ll also get 15 enhanced training materials like an independent contractor’s agreement, a pitching checklist and tracker.

[Image: HSP-6-_Week-_Mentorship.png]

GB Code: CDHP0147

Interested Peoples can contact tvbbvip@gmail.com with "GB Code".

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Bug Dan Kennedy - Mind Hijacking
Posted by: TvBB - 10-04-2017, 01:50 AM - Forum: Dan Kennedy - No Replies

Dan Kennedy - Mind Hijacking

[Image: 0K9O.png]

Mind Hijacking: Advanced, Psychology-Based Persuasion, Manipulation and Influence Control Techniques, For One-To-One Sales, Negotiation and Presenting

Ideal for large-dollar transaction professionals and virtually any passionate entrepreneur who has the ‘stomach’ for it.  Be the first to take advantage of this brand new opportunity, AND save $600!

Mind Hijacking is all about seizing, taking over, forcing people into a different direction.

I’ll be sharing some incredible information, including…

How Steve Jobs built a simple Mind Hijack into the Apple computer. And stole the PC Market from IBM. This trick factors into almost every piece of sales copy I’ve ever written
The 4-part formula used by sales agents of the FBI’s security division behavioral program to recruit spies ‘turn’ terrorists and get people to violate confidences, reveal information and do as they are told.
How to hijack any closed society without ever needing to start at the bottom of the ladder and without having your authority questioned
Unseat an accomplished, successful, person and make them feel unsure of themselves and in need of your support.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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Bug David Hooper - The Great Secret of Gratitude Why Being Grateful Will Change Your Life
Posted by: TvBB - 10-04-2017, 01:46 AM - Forum: Hypnosis, NLP, Achievement and Mindset - No Replies

David Hooper - The Great Secret of Gratitude: Why Being Grateful Will Change Your Life

[Image: 0K9p.jpg]

1 - Introduction to the Great Secret - 00:25
2 - What is Gratitude? - 21:39
3 - Negative and Positive Emotions - 24:11:00
4 - What Is and What Is Not - 27:14:00
5 - Practical Approaches and Adopting the Positive - 19:21
6 - Conclusion - 00:19

If you like Law of Attraction info and audios such as the Strangest Secret, you'll love this.

David Hooper is founder of the Guide for Living Institute, a think tank in Nashville, TN designed to help people enjoy their lives more.

[Image: logo_en.png]

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